Introducing Sepahsalar (Shahid Motahari) Mosque of Tehran

Introducing Sepahsalar (Shahid Motahari) Mosque of Tehran
(Saturday, April 21, 2018) 12:16

Sepahsalar Mosque is one of the largest mosques of Tehran and constructed by command of Mirza Hassan Khan, the Sepahsalar (Chancellor) of Naser od-din Shah Qajar.

The Center of Mosque Studies - Sepahsalar Mosque is also known as the Motahari mosque. It has been named after Martyr Morteza Motahari who was a well known thought leader in 1979 revolution. He has largely contributed to the recent Islamic movements in Iran.

The structure is the largest mosque in Tehran. It was built in Qajar era by the order of the incumbent chancellor during the rule of Nasser od-din Shah. Mirza Hassan Khan Sepahsalar was the Grand Vizier and also the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Commander-in-Chief during the Shah’s reign.

The building is marked by eight distinct minarets which characterize this structure. The architecture and the decoration of the minarets are reminiscent of the Qajar style.

Architecture of the Structure

Built in the 19th century, Sepahsalar Mosque is a structure to explore when you visit Tehran. It rests gloriously in Mostafa Khomeini Avenue. Along with Mirza Hassan Khan, the Sepahsalar (Chancellor) in Naser od-din Shah Qajar’s empire, his brother Moshirodeleh, also contributed to the making of this mosque.

Sepahsalar School is located near the mosque which stretches for 62 m in length. It is also an approximately 61 m in width and contains 60 chambers. The main dome of the school is 37 m high. The entire complex has many chambers, corridors, porticos, minarets, a two-storied building, a roofed hall for worshipers to pray (Shabestan), a gateway, a large dome and a huge library. The complex occupies a huge area in a very important locality of Tehran.
Remembering the Leader

The names of Sepahsalar Mosque and Sepahsalar School have been changed to Shahid Motahari to honor him. Together with his friends and supporters, he made eloquent plans to preach Islamic values in every nook and corner of Iran. You will learn more about his ideals when you visit Tehran.

He made it a point to do this work without too much expense. In course of his spreading Islamic values, he also informed the people in the remote areas about his strategies during the Islamic revolution. Many anecdotes of Shahid Motahari’s life can be learned when you travel to Iran. The mosque and the school are glowing reminders of his bravery

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