The 39th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in world media

The 39th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in world media
(Thursday, February 22, 2018) 11:23

Many of world media tried disappointedly to demonstrate dissatisfaction of Iranians with the Islamic revolution in the day of Iranian victory against Pahlavi Regime while they faced defeat.

The Center of Mosque Studies – 39th great anniversary for occasion of the Islamic Revolution’s victory was reflected highly in world media like every year. Many of the mentioned media confessed to hold of this great event by presence of thousands of revolutionary Iranians in all cities of Iran.

The Nation reported of presence of millions of Iranians in streets of the grand cities of our country and praised the great Islamic revolution which was came over the Pahlavi Regime on 1979. The condition of such reports were same among the revolution’s friend media like Al –Nashrah or RT.

But the correspondent of AP in his report took a look at the late riots in some cities of Iran while he confessed to presence of Iranians in the streets.

Washington Post wrote: “Hundreds of thousands of Iranians rallied on the streets Sunday to mark the 39th anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, just weeks after anti-government protests rocked cities across the country”.

The American media mentioned that Iranian top officials like Ayatollah Khamenei and President Rouhani have asked Iranians to participate in this walking. In fact, they tried to show that Iranians have come to streets under pressure of the government and this movement has not been on their free will.

This issue demonstrates that US government and media don’t know the Iranian nation well. Yes, our people came to the streets to defend the values of their Islamic Revolution by command of their dear grand leader, Imam Khamenei. But they mind this movement as their religious canonical duties and not under pressure.

Shiite Muslims believe that whenever their leader ask them to do something, his is their religious and legitimate duty to act according to the issued command (Fatwa). They said “Yes” to request of Ayatollah Khamenei to show US and other enemies of this nation that Iranians are loyal to their given promise to their dear leader. They never leave the field for enemies of this country.

Another fact in the popular movement of Iranians in occasion of 22th Bahman Ceremony is that any internal challenge or different views between the nation and government has to be resolved among themselves it is not related to any foreign player to intervene in national affairs of one nation.

That’s why, they burned the photos of the US president, Donald Trump who turned his back to JCPOA as the signed agreement with not Iranian government but our nation as a whole. According to Imam Khamenei, US demonstrated that it is not reliable.

Regarding the mentioned issues, this is our question from Washington that in such conditions why you expect Iranians to rely on your promises? Just take a look at your past and current revenues to see what did for our nation during 40 years back till now. Did you walk along our people’s interests?

As our grand leader said in his message for the occasion of this rally, future belongs to our awake people who don’t let foreign enemies play with them and their life.

Long live our great revolution, wise people and Grand Imam Khamenei. 

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