Islamophobia, key point of terrorist attacks

Islamophobia, key point of terrorist attacks
(Tuesday, August 30, 2016) 14:41

Islamophobia is one of the most challenging concepts which is roots of many complicated problems and difficulties in West. But what is the relation between these problems such as terrorism issue and Islamophobia? How the issue of islamophobia leads into creation of terrorism and social violence?

The Center of Mosque Studies – Vahid Pourtajrishi: Human Rights issue is one of the most challenging subjects in contemporary politics and law. What scale or scale are used in measurement for respect or not respecting this issue? How can we understand that people’s rights in any kind of aspect are respected?

The song of Islamophbia is heard from all over the world by happening of tormenting events, from China to US. One of these bitter events backs to just few days back in France. According to the published news in media, owner of a restaurant in suburb of Paris has expelled two Muslim customers from his shop because of their religion. Owner of the mentioned restaurant had called two Muslim customers “Terrorist”. He has also accused all Muslim to be terrorist and asked the two Muslim women to leave his restaurant because as he claims, France is a secularist state and this is good reason for owner of the shop to expel unwanted customers from the restaurant according to “right to property” principle.


To consider this case study, we can divide the story to some parts:

1)      Secularism, definition and borders:

Definition of Secularism is originally applied to separation of religion and politics. Therefore it is not connected to prevent someone to enter a place. In fact, if you believe in real secularism, you will not be allowed to graft a political phenomenon like terrorism with a political issue such as terrorism.


2)      Liberty  and right to property:

According to UDHR, “Right to property” is one of the essential needs and rights in life of man. It means, you are allowed to decide on your personal properties. But nobody is allowed to accuse and insult others in the name of freedom and free speech principles. According to the concept of Positive Liberty, you are allowed to do everything except those which cause to limit and hurt other’s freedom. In this case, the shopper has right to free speech, but accusing others means hurt to their freedom. So, he has deprived the customer women from their freedom and this is an unlawful act which has to be considered by French legitimate bodies.


3)       Islamophobia and continuance of violence:

It is very important to seek for roots and causes of happening the terrorist attacks during few years back in west and especially in EU countries. Western citizens and politicians have to ask themselves about  this fact that why many of attackers are Muslims and act in the name of ISIS or any other terrorist group which acts in the name of Islam and Muslims. If you pay enough attention to asserts of suspected people, most of them often talk about permitted oppression, unlawful or at least unjustified behavior against themselves just because of their religion. Most of arrested terrorist attackers even had no previous criminal record and their neighbor evaluate them as patient and polite people. Then, why have they done these attacks?


In one word, west has to accept this fact that many of their citizens are Muslims and they have to be respected like every man as human being. No one is allowed to deprive people from their natural rights just because of their kind of belief. Right to free exercise of religion is an essential and primary right for every man without exemption. If you put someone under pressure (specially social pressure such as bad behavior, bad treat and etc) he will react to your behavior and this is natural. Why do you see terrorist attackers just Muslim without attention to his personal life background?


In total, we can say that continue of social violence against Muslims and observing them as terrorist, enemy or any other kind of accusations, just will lead to occur of more attacks. So it is better for West to reform its attitude into Muslims because they are citizens like any other citizen and have to enjoy from their life and naturally granted rights to them. According to Western governments, Muslims also pay tax. So why shouldn’t they be treated like a regular citizen?
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