Festival Held in Qatar to Encourage Children for Fasting

Festival Held in Qatar to Encourage Children for Fasting
(Saturday, June 18, 2016) 15:35

Qatar’s Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs organized a festival to encourage children for fasting.

The festival entitled "Al Saim Al Saghir” (minor fasting) was participated by 120 students aged ranging from eight to 12 from Holy Quran reciting centers.

Programs like religious songs, entertainment activities, narrating stories about the life of the companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him) were held to create religious values of fasting and its merits and norms among the children.

"The festival aims to encourage the children for fasting and educate them about this important pillar of Islam, the fasting,” said Mohammad Hamad Al Kuwari, Head of the Religious Calling and Preaching Department at the Ministry.

"The festival used to organize one or two days ahead of Ramadan but this year it was held in Ramadan in a bid to make the children feel the spirituality of the fasting month,” he added.

"A similar festival was also organized for girl students of Moza bint Mohamad for Holy Quran and Preaching run by the Department,” he added.

The participating students were awarded in the conclusion ceremony held in Abdullah bin Zaid Al Mahmoud Hall at the Department located at Freej Kulaib.

The festival is being held annually to create pillars of Islam and its principles in the youngsters and to support the families to educate their children. It is part of curriculum of Holy Quran reciting and memorizing centers focusing on the aspects of learning, physiological support and proper upbringing. Large number of the parents of the students also attended the festival.

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