Iran’s Qari Showcases Skills at Turkey’s Int’l Quran Contest

Iran’s Qari Showcases Skills at Turkey’s Int’l Quran Contest
(Wednesday, June 15, 2016) 20:19

Iranian Qari Mehdi Gholamnejad on Saturday showcased his Quranic skills and talents at Turkey’s fourth international Holy Quran competition.

The Center of Mosques Studies - Gholamnejad, who is representing the Islamic Republic in the recitation category of the contest, recited verses 12 to 21 of Surah al-Jathiyah.

He was among the 7 Qaris who went on the stage on the first night of the international event.

The competition was inaugurated in Istanbul on Friday with the participation of 40 Qaris and 47 Quran memorizers from 55 Muslim and non-Muslim countries.

It is aimed at promoting the Quranic culture and encouraging memorization and recitation of the Holy Book.

The panel of arbiters comprises Quran experts from host Turkey as well as Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Lebanon, Somalia and Morocco.

The competition will continue until Thursday, June 16, and winners will be awarded at the closing ceremony on Friday, June 17.

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