Muslims pray for San Bernardino victims at Allen mosque

Muslims pray for San Bernardino victims at Allen mosque
(Monday, December 7, 2015) 12:05

There should be few places safer than a place of worship. Yet, security escorting everyone coming into the parking lot of a mosque in Allen has become reality.

This after another mass-casualty terror attack, this time in California, where 14 innocent people were killed.

Outside the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community mosque in Allen, a group of six men have gathered around a bench to just sit and chat. Just thirty minutes earlier, the mosque had hosted a prayer vigil for the victims in California.

“It’s better for us to do things like this, where you see people eye-to-eye,” said Bilal Bajwa.

It is a place where these Muslims in Allen can talk freely. These men are bonded by faith, but lately, challenged by public perception after what extremists have done.

“I think this is the cancer of Islam. Islam is a healthy body,” said Jari Khan.

What happened several states over is the conversation at the bench. And they have said what many have heard for the longest time in response to terror attacks: “This is not Islam.”

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