Children and congregational prayer in mosque

Children and congregational prayer in mosque
(Saturday, September 12, 2015) 14:29

This article is written by cleric Sayyed Mahdi Beheshti who is one of our best researchers and authors. We introduce it to you, our dear readers:

Author: Sayyed Mahdi Beheshti

Translator: Vahid Pourtajrishi

This is our task as a Muslim to join mosque and educate our children compatible with this holey place. There is no doubt that Islam is the only religion which has based its fundamental teachings on clear and social principles and have been never heedless on society. Islam has stated all principles in a social model and has assumed the spirit of society among its all rules and principles.

Mosque is the best place for gathering and congregation of Muslims and Salaat (praying) is the best ritual action and the pivot of unification. We have to join to this holey place along our children as thirties who seek water. We have to assume mosque as our second home. According to given promise by the innocents, another home will be constructed in heaven for believers who attend mosques in this world.

 children and mosque

Significance of congregational prayer:

According to the innocents (best regards upon to them), congregational prayer is the best prayer and its spiritual value is twenty times greater than solitude prayer. The congregational prayer is strengthen spiritual purification and faith of believer Muslim. Congregational prayer is such prayer which Gabriel wished to be man to be able to pray. The permanent congregational prayer attender’s justice is steady and his absence is not allowed.  According to the grand Prophet of Islam, that is better than forty years of single prayer.

Children in congregational prayer:

There were Adam, Eve and their children present in the first done congregational prayer in the world.  Afif Kandy says: ‘’ I sat beside of Abbas Bin Abdul Motalleb when I went to Mecca to purchase wears and perfume. I met someone who stayed in front of Kaaba when sun rose up. After a moment, a younker came and staied beside of him and a woman after him. Then, all of them started to pray. I wondered when I saw three persons among the idolater society of Mecca who pray their God!

Abdullah asserted: ‘’do you know these three persons? First person is my nephew, Muhammad bin Abdullah who claims that his religion is send by god to him, the second person is my another nephew, Ali Bin Abi Talib and the third one is Muhammad’s wife’’

Jaber says:’’ I asked about children who participate in congregational prayer from Imam Sadeq (best regards upon to him) and he answered:  don’t take them out of the prayer queues but let them stay among elders.

The influences of congregational prayer on children:

Some of good impressions of congregational prayer are:

1)      They  observe the greatness of Islam and Muslims

2)      They feel unification and coherence

3)      They experience regulation and coordination

4)      They feel justice and coordination with the impartial Imam

5)      They learn respecting rights of people

6)      They learn punctuality

7)      They learn respecting people and cleanliness

8)      They achieve psychological and spiritual rest

9)      It furbish discord from hearts of children

10)   They learn respecting God

11)   They can find faithful and good tempered friends

Tasks of parents and mentors in mosque:

Some points have to be reminded to dear parents relating presence of children in mosque:

1)      It better to keep their children beside of themselves

2)      It is not advised to Imams to prolong prayer when some children are present in queues of prayer

3)      Playing with children in mosques is recommended to parents in mosque. The grand prophet of Islam played with his daughter’s sons in mosque

4)      Giving some gifts to children in order to encourage them for participation in congregational prayer

5)      Introducing those children who attend mosque as pattern to our children

6)      Entrusting some duties in mosque to children under authority of  mentors
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