New world order and Iran according to the Supreme Leader of Iran’s views / Article

New world order and Iran according to the Supreme Leader of Iran’s views / Article
(Sunday, July 26, 2015) 15:30

By: Sayyed Muhammad Taha Mousavi

Translated by: Vahid Pourtajrishi


 The concept of new world order could be defined in two dimension:

1)    In theory, the meaning of new world order means creation of a totalitarian regime who dominates the world. In this view, there are many political elites who have a long list in hand full of programs for future of world conspiring to manipulate other nations by a dictator and cruel regime.

2)    In political literature, the meaning of this concept backs to an era in the world history which there had been balance of power and differences between two blocks were much more than today. In this kind of definition, new world order is defined as such a belief that establishment of world rule will be executed by common will to recognize the global issues.  This idiom was used mostly during the second war by Michael Gorbachev, Gorge H.W Bush to clarify the nature of cold war and coordination between the two superpowers.

After collapse of the Soviet Union, US tried to consolidate and expand her dominance from East to West of the world. US knew this fact that seizing energy resources is the key for ruling over the other nations in the world. That’s why, seizing Iraq and Afghanistan was one of the easiest ways to achieve rich energy resources in Middle East region. Recruitment of the great scholars from all over the world, allocation of high budgets to improve their scientific level in order to earn financial interests an economic - militaristic hegemony, over the other nations were the other programs of this state foe seizing the world.  There is no difference who is ruling in a state. He or she has to be US’s slave.

According to the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei: “US Government has played its role in collapse of more than forty regimes which were not recognized as her friend since 1945. Her interference of course have been along genocide and huge tragedies. But she has not been successful in all cases. We can refer to Vietnam War or Japan atomic bombardment case that US had was not successful in these wars. Even we can refer to Chile case or 28th Mordad Coup in Iran which the American agent came to Tehran and launched his activities to collapse Mosaddeq’s Government. Then they published its documents which are available in hands of everyone now”.

The New World Order is what the Supreme Leader emphasizes on and every state has to define her place in this system. Of course, the US ruling is going to end and its signs are observable in economic, militaristic, ideological and etc. US defeats in her past wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, in Anti-Terrorism Fights and her disappointed endeavor to isolate Iran and the Islam world demonstrate the breaking of US hegemony in world order. It’s the time for US and her Western allies’ comedown and also gradual empowerment of the independent states.

The Supreme Leader describes the theoretical and practical aspects of the old world order as below:

“The previous order which dominated the world for about seventy years was created from two systems: Firstly, theoretical and value system and secondly, practical system means political and militaristic. Today, both of these systems are fallen in challenge. The attractive western slogans such as democracy, human rights and etc, are not related to scientific and industrial development. They try to dominate the various parts of the world using these seductive slogans”

We can choose two paths in this condition. The first way is to be scared from global Imperialism and second one is use of the available capabilities in our states in order to improve the state’s abilities.  The Supreme Leader describes the Iranian nation and government in this way as below:

“We have to make us ready to create the new world order. We have to empower our country using all of our domestic and foreign capabilities. We have many important capabilities abroad. We have friends because of common religion, language, interests and etc, in our region and even among South American countries. We have to use these capabilities. These capacities will make the state strong”

The Supreme Leader of Iran emphasizes on three cardinal elements to increase the state’s power:

“Science and technology, Economy and Culture. Our high-managers have to attend these three elements. These are vital factors.”

The big powers have focused on these three elements in the Islamic regime to destroy them. That’s why, we have to prevent them to achieve their goal.
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