Another disputed mosque sparks Ballabgarh riots

Another disputed mosque sparks Ballabgarh riots
(Saturday, May 30, 2015) 16:05

About 400 Muslims of Atali village, who were attacked by a Hindu mob four days ago, continue to be stranded Friday in the compound of the Ballabgarh police station.

Despite the sweltering heat and inadequate food and water, the displaced persons have refused to return to their homes, seeking the arrest of the attackers and compensation for their burnt houses. On the evening of May 25, a violent mob attacked the community with bricks, swords, and petrol bombs. The assailants broke into their homes and set about 20 houses on fire.

The cause of the confrontation, locals say, is a dispute over a 30-year-old mosque. In 2009 the Hindus of the village claimed that it was the property of the village Panchayat. The Muslims said the land belonged to the WAKF board. In March this year, the Faridabad court ruled in favour of the Muslim community. The Hindus however, continued to raise objections, with some advocating the demolition of the mosque because it stood adjacent to a temple.

“We begged our sarpanch that they (the Hindus) should let us renovate the mosque,” said Sabir Ali, who suffered injuries on his head in Monday’s attack. “The sarpanch held a few meetings with the villagers and told us that we should start the construction.” According to a police offer, tensions between the communities worsened as the renovation began.

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