Threats Made Against Baltimore County Mosque - US

Threats Made Against Baltimore County Mosque - US
(Sunday, May 10, 2015) 14:50

BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — Frightening threats made against a Baltimore County mosque. Now, as security is heightened, some in the Muslim community are on edge.

The most recent threat came Tuesday in a phone call with someone threatening to “spill Muslim blood.”

Tensions are high around the Islamic Society of Baltimore after the mosque received two threats in just one week. “These threats have been very disturbing. They threatened bodily harm,” said Zainab Chaudry, Council on American Islamic Relations.

The first came April 28. Someone called the mosque’s school facility and asked, “What time do you close?” When they were told the closing time, the caller reportedly said, “It’s the perfect time to bomb the bus.”



A second call came Tuesday from someone threatening to “spill Muslim blood.” Chaudry says parents with children in the school are worried.

“The community here is a little on edge. We want to make sure federal authorities and state and local law enforcement are taking these threats seriously and really help us get to the bottom of who’s behind them,” Chaudry said.

County police say they have beefed up security around the Windsor Mill campus.

“We do not believe that either threat is credible,” said Baltimore County Police Cpl. John Wachter. “However, we are not taking any chances.” Officers will patrol around the campus. Meanwhile, Wachter says police are looking for the source of the phone calls.

“We’re asking anyone with any information on any suspicious persons, activities or vehicles to immediately call us,” he said.

Meanwhile, fears continue throughout the community. The Council on American Islamic Relations is also asking that the FBI investigate the threats.

Anyone with information on the threats should contact Baltimore County police.

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