Mosque in Cape Town used to unite communities against Xenophobia

Mosque in Cape Town used to unite communities against Xenophobia
(Tuesday, April 21, 2015) 11:46

Addressing ‘The Jummah Congregation’ at the Islamia Centre (Masjidul Furqan) on Friday 17 April 2015 focusing on the subject of “The Islamic perspective of Human Rights” in aim to unite against Xenophobia, Allama Moulana Sayed Imraan Shah Ziyaee, the founding leader of the Cape Town Islamic Educational Centre, said that the South Africa needs peace, security and humanity more than before.

He said that while Xenophobic attacks around South Africa continue, the difficulties of the Citizens around the country have increased manifold. The picture of South Africa that has spread around the world in the past few weeks will impact the country in a negative light.

Addressing the congregation of a few hundreds, Moulana Sayed Imraan asked the community to unite for the establishment of peace, respect, dignity and welfare of humanity. He asked them to dissociate with the racism mentality and become the true followers of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). He urged them to reject the ideology of the extremists and submit themselves to the real teachings of Islam.

He further mentioned that due to the Xenophobic Attacks, the blood of innocent people has been shed and families have been ruined. He said that the human life and values have lost their meaning, South Africans need to stand against the Xenophobic Violence.

Citing the references from the Holy Quran and Hadith, the honourable Moulana urged the South Africans to become one nation, which is solid like a rock. He said that the way to eliminate differences among them was through consultation and mutual engagement. He asked the congregation to shun individuality and dissentions and stay connected with one another.

He emphasised on the words of former President Nelson Mandela “To deny people their Human Rights is to challenge their very humanity” and we as South Africans, we are denying the foreign nationals basic Human Rights.

Spokesperson of The Cape Town Islamic Educational Centre, Sayed Ridhwaan Mohamed says the aims of the talks are: “To see South Africa transform into a hub of happiness and peace from which issued forth the fountains of love, freedom, compassion, generosity and morality, we want to see a better South Africa, we want the Communities to stand united against Xenophobia and we must remember there is no superiority in this world. The superiority of a person lies in the sight of God”

“Many Muslims are also victims of the xenophobic attacks, we as Muslims it is our responsibility to pray and engage in Dua and Salawaat, we should beg to the Almighty to restore Peace and Harmony on our South African soil.” Further added Sayed Ridhwaan.

The CTIEC has condemned these repugnant attacks that are ongoing around Durban and Johannesburg, while also calling on the authorities to prosecute those responsible and do all they can to ensure the safety of those who have suffered.

Moulana Sayed Imraan urged all South Africans to live the spirit of ubuntu - the essence of being human, which is fundamental to our coexistence as equal human beings living in an open, free and democratic country, we need to practice the right to Humanity.

The hundreds of listeners expressed their support and approval of Moulana Imraans words and the stand that the CTIEC has taken against Xenophobic attacks via Social Media messages.

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