New gold Grand Mosque Kaaba door to cost $3.6m

New gold Grand Mosque Kaaba door to cost $3.6m
(Friday, April 17, 2015) 08:46

Saudi Arabia will spend $3.6 million renovating the door of the Kaaba at the Grand Mosque in Makkah, Islam’s holiest site, local media have reported.

The Kaaba is a sacred cubic box inside the Mosque where Muslim pilgrims commonly repent their sins.

Made from heavy gold, it is more than 3 metres high and features 15 of the 99 names of Allah embroidered in gold and silver Thuluth (an Arabic calligraphy style), according to the Makkah Daily.

At the centre, Quranic verses, Islamic phrases and historical annotations are inscribed; even the door’s lock is embroidered. Only the best and most prestigious designers and calligraphers have worked on the Kaaba door.

(Getty Images)

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