Bergen mosque expels 'IS recruiter'

Bergen mosque expels 'IS recruiter'
(Monday, April 13, 2015) 11:48

The main mosque in Bergen has thrown out a man they claim was a recruiter for the banned terror organisation Islamic State (IS), accusing him of spreading propaganda to young people in the congregation.

“He is neither a member of the congregation nor a Norwegian citizen," Momodou Bandeh, head of Bergen's mosque told Bergens Tidene. "We must protect our young from such influences, and chose to confront the person and make clear that we cannot accept this. He is not welcome in our mosque.” 


Bergen mosque expels 'IS recruiter' 
Muslims in Norway are becoming increasingly involved in combatting radicalization among the young, after a string of highly publicised cases of Norwegian Muslims fighting with IS in Iraq and Syria. The mosque is working with Bergen municipality and the Norwegian Intelligence Service to prepare a plan of action.
According to the newspaper's own research, young muslims who have little contact with their local mosque are at the greatest risk of radicalisation. 
“We know that a lot of radicalization happens in young peoples' bedroom on the internet.” Bandeh told Bergens Tidene.  "So it is important that we have something to offer the young, and various activities they can participate in.  
"When someone does bad things in the name of Islam, it is our duty to speak out. The support for Islamic State and terrorist acts we have seen in Paris and Copenhagen is making us fearful.”
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